We're certainly not perfect in our church, but we've discovered something worth sharing with you! Like you, we daily need wisdom and love beyond our own capacities. Because of this we've found it important to set aside a few hours each week to worship God and learn from His Word. In our Sunday School and worship services both young and old learn principles for successful living, not just for Sunday but for everyday.

Another source of strength and joy is the support that other Christians give. What encouragement comes from being with people from a variety of backgrounds and interest who care about each other. How helpful it is to listen to the wisdom of older Christians and enjoy the exuberance of the young.

Our families have found that the old saying "The family that prays together stays together" is true. As we come together to worship God and learn from His Word, we develop a common bond. Father, mother, and children coming together are strengthened in their commitment to God and to each other. New answers to family needs are revealed as God's Word is taught.

All the benefits that we enjoy are based on our commitment to Jesus Christ and the Word of our God. When you commit your life to Christ as Savior, you come into a special relationship with God that enables you to face life's problems and bear them with aid and the help of His people. We sincerely want to be your friend in the neighborhood. We welcome you to share the joy that we've found.

Service Times


9:00am - Sunday School for all ages
10:00am - Morning Service
5:30-7:00pm - Truth Trackers
5:30-7:00pm - Youth Group


7:00pm - Home Fellowship
Groups Meet

Upcoming Events

Sun May 15
Missionaries Visiting

Tue June 21
Gospel Heralds from Appalachian Bible College

Sun-Wed June 26-29
Vacation Bible School

Sun-Thurs Nov 6-11
Bible Conference & Teen Rally


Sun-Wed June 26-29

VBS 2016